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Youth Program

 The Youth Program at our Shavuot event is a CY youth event.  NEW for 2017 we are implementing some of our most requested group activities modeling all of our study times after our Camp Yeshua model.  This includes brentball, tribal councils, starlight dance and more.  We will be meeting 5 times during our Shavuot weekend to help make this time a life changing experience.  If you have never attended Camp Yeshua you don't know what your missing.  If you have you will be refreshed by another CY like gathering during Shavuot. 

Our CY Shavuot gathering will be run by:

Chris Knight    Chris Knight is the founder of Love 4 Yeshua Ministries. He has served as a Torah teacher, pastor, and youth director of various congregations and youth camps. Chris has felt a the call of God to become a Teacher and Pastor since he was eight years old. He was raised in a mainstream Christian congregation and began volunteering in the ministry when he was thirteen.  
 Ephraim Judah   Ephraim Judah has been a part of the Messianic Movement for his entire life, having been raised in a lifestyle of keeping Torah. This gives him a unique insight, knowing where the Hebrew Roots Movement has been, and using that knowledge to shape the future and relate to the next generation of believers on their level and at their pace. Ephraim has been the director of Camp Yeshua – Messianic Youth Summer Camp since 2008.  Ephraim also serves as the Community Pastor of Hebraic Family Fellowship in Norman, OK  
Shavuot Conference

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